Hitachino Nest On Draft

Our favorite moment of last year’s Beer Week had to be the Hitachino Nest tasting at Jose Pistola’s. The beers on draft were just outstanding and meeting brewer Mikio Kiuchi was pretty cool too. He seemed to genuinely appreciate our enthusiasm. An enthusiasm that included us begging everyone in our cell phone to come out and try some of these great beers.

Anyone spot Hitachino Nest on draft elsewhere?

A few weeks back we were told that Hitachino Nest was going to become available on draft. And it looks like it has happened. Today the Sidecar Bar & Grille tweets that Hitachino Nest XH Strong Ale will be pouring today.

An even bigger deal concerning the Sidecar, owner Adam Ritter has lined up a second bar, this one  at Girard and Montgomery in Fishtown. No name yet, but the “European bistro” is aiming for a first quarter of 2010 opening. [Meal Ticket]

Sidecar Bar and Grille [Official Site]