First Bite: Breakfast at P.Y.T.


Last Saturday, I showed up at P.Y.T. at 11:59 a.m. (they open at noon) so I could be the first person to try their new breakfast sandwiches, announced the day before via e-mail, Facebook, text, and probably subliminal message by P.Y.T.’s viral-marketing-addicted owner, Tommy Up.

I avoided the Hatfield-scrapple-stuffed Pig In A Roll (I only do Habbersett), but dove right into the delicious and hangover-rectifying Pork Roll Sammy, with its Taylor Pork Roll, perfectly fried egg, and gooey cheddar on a classically soft Martin’s potato bun. The bacon-egg-and-cheese Tommy’s Tune Up was almost as good, though the bottom slice of white bread suffered from sogginess, probably because it was thrown on the grill instead of properly crisped and de-moisturized in a toaster. (UPDATE: P.Y.T. proprietor Tommy Up e-mailed me this afternoon to tell me that, based on my complaint to the waiter on Saturday, the kitchen has since switched to toasted bread.)

Siracha is available, and I wholly recommend an ample coating on any sandwich you get, though with the pile of you-won’t-be-able-to-finish-them-but-you-will-anyway spicy home fries served with each sandwich, this may be too much fire for some at this time of the day. As for the new brunch drinks, the bacon-garnished Bloody Mary is the way to go, and not just because there are suspicious-looking store-bought bottles of “mimosa” behind the bar, but also because the Mary is easily a contender for my Top 10 in Philly list.

In the end, the breakfast sandwiches are promising, but with those awesome burgers available all day long, it’s going to be hard to order anything else.

1001 North 2nd Street; 215-268-7825.