Top Chef and Next Iron Chef –Where We Stand

Things have been a bit hectic lately with World Series festivities, but our favorite culinary reality TV shows have been chugging along. We started with 17 dizzying contestants on Top Chef and are now down to 6. The Next Iron Chef wasted no time trimming the fat and we are already left with the final 4. More on what’s been going on after the jump.

Top Chef: Las Vegas

Last Week

Mike Isabella was sent packing after a weak showing at a dinner party for vegetarian Natalie Portman. Robin is seemingly still around to keep viewers irritated and/or confused.

Homegirl- Jenn Carroll

Jenn came started this competition on fire. She won the very first challenge and picked up a couple more wins along the way, but lately she has been pulling a Cole Hamels. She has all the stuff to win this thing but looks tired. She should stick around longer than Robin and Eli, but after that it’s fair game. Kevin and Bryan remain the two strongest competitors in the competition and Mike V., who has been the best chef over the past fourweeks is on a major hot streak.

Next Up

Nigella Lawson stops by for breakfast in bed.

Burning Questions

Anyone else think Padma was drunk last week?
What do you think is the cause for Jenn’s recent slide?

The Next Iron Chef

Last Week- It was a double elimination as the chefs made a 5-course Indian dinner. Chefs Trevino and Appleman were sent home and we are left with the final four, Chef Garces, Chef Mehta, Chef Freitag, and Chef Mullen.

Jose Garces won last week’s challenge and is figuring to be the favorite to take home the title. Chef Mehta has produced some of the most interesting food of the season and stands as the biggest threat to the Whiskey King. Chef Freitag has come on strong recently but isn’t on the same level as Garces or Mehta. Chef Mullen is a total wild card who was made some impressive dishes but was also an inch away from elimination more times than is comfortable.

I was majorly surprised at the departure of Nate Appleman. He didn’t come through on the Indian test, but may have been the strongest chef to this point. He has a personality and cooking skills that will inevitably end up on TV in some capacity. Hopefully it isn’t running around Chicago in the rain and eating an entire deep dish pizza like Aaron Sanchez and Chris Cosentino.

Next Up

The Final Four are off to Japan to visit Morimoto.

Burning Questions

Did Chef Appleman deserve his elimination?
Who poses the biggest threat to Chef Garces?

Go Phillies!!!