Seasonal Change For Modo Mio Menu

Modo Mio - Photo by Ryan Charles

Photo by Ryan Charles

Meal Ticket has the latest menu from Peter McAndrews’ Modo Mio.Among the items we’ll be considering the next time we hit up the Girard Avenue BYOB are:

  • cannellono — crispy crab-stuffed prosciutto di Parma, asparagus & almonds
  • gnoccho — crispy fried potato dumpling stuffed with foie gras and chicken liver, orange-fennel mostarda, shaved gorgonzola
  • tortelloni — butternut squash-stuffed large navels, sage butter, amaretti
  • anatra “all’apicio”— roasted duck leg, chestnut honey, spices, cunja
  • guancia — braised beef cheek, salsa passito, crispy polenta, golden raisin gremolata

The menu turista , which features an antipasto, pasta, secondo and dolce for $33 is still available and one of the best deals in town.

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