Drink This Now: Stoli Gala Applik

stoli_200I’m usually pretty hard on vodkas. It’s not a product that tends to need a lot of publicity, and when it comes to clear spirits, I am a gin man, hands down. But the other night I bumped into a liquor representative from Capital Wine & Spirits who was toting a bottle of Stoli’s brand new Gala Applik gala-apple-flavored vodka, which just hit State Store shelves this week at $20.99.

I have to admit, it’s pretty damn good, especially as we move into autumn. Try it in an appletini, or just mixed with cranberry juice. The only bar I could find it in (like I said, it just came out) is the Mission Grill on Arch, so either head there or pick up a bottle and invite a few friends over. To find a bottle near you, search the PLCB’s site.