Garces/LaBan Round Up

Craig LaBan and Jose Garces has an interesting online chat today. Among the most intersting things to come out of it:

Next Iron Chef

  • Garces actually prepared the cock’s combs two ways: in a pressure cooker and braised.
  • His best weapon on the show is his 15 years of cooking.
  • Garces is trying to source cock’s combs for the weekend at Amada.
  • What Philadelphia chefs would Garces trust with cock’s combs, stinky tufu or sea cucumber.
    • Marc Vetri (Vetri, Osteria)
    • Michael Stollenwerk (Little Fish, fish)
    • Terence Feury (Fork)
    • Michael Solomonov (Zahav)

His Restaurants

  • The fries at Village Whiskey are hand-cut and confited in duck fat, herbs and garlic. They are fried at 400 degrees and only stay crispy for 6-7 minutes. So eat fast!
  • Distrito does the most covers per month, around 8,000.

Future Concepts

  • Garces Trading Co.
    • It’ll be a cheese and charcuterie shop
    • A bakery with fresh breads and pastries
    • A Cafe with Garces Trading Co. coffee
    • Commisary for Garces Restaurant Group
    • And of course a wine boutique
    • He will address local restaurateurs concerns soon
  • He’s been dreaming about a sausage and beer spot.
  • Considering a Farm to-table-concept.

Philadelphia Restaurants That Garces Enjoys

  • Sahara Grill (1334 Walnut St)
  • Morimoto (Sushi)
  • Zento (Sushi)
  • Taqueria Veracruzana (Fast Mexican)
  • Osteria (Pizza)
  • David’s Mail Lai Wah (Latenight Eats)
  • New Delhi (Indian)

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