Appetite For Awareness At Wachovia Center

appetite_for_awarenessAppetite for Awareness, the huge gluten-free eating spree is happening next Wednesday at the Wachovia Center.

Presented by the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, Appetite for Awareness raises funds and awareness for celiac disease. There will be 35 chefs participating from Philadelphia restaurants who will be offering gluten-free dishes and competing in an Iron Chef style competition.

Check out the list of impressive names and ticket details after the jump:

Among the chefs and restaurants featured:

  • Joseph Scarpone, Agiato
  • Blake Joffe, Bar Ferdinand
  • Nick Macri, Beneluxx Tasting Room
  • Marcie Turney, Bindi & Lolita
  • Marshall Green, Cafe Estelle
  • Shawn Sollberger, Capital Grille
  • Miguel Leon, Casona
  • Jose Garces, Chifa, Distrito
  • Walter Staib, City Tavern
  • Gene Ciuffi, Cochon
  • Allen Dann, Devil’s Den
  • Michael Stollenwerk, Fish & Little Fish
  • Jeff Birkbeck, Maggiano’s
  • Gianluca Demontis, Melograno
  • Keith Taylor, Holy Smoke
  • Jeff Michaud, Osteria
  • Pasquale Masters, Pasta Pomodoro
  • Matt Levin, Rubb
  • Nicholas Cassidy, Saute
  • Joshua McCullough, Time
  • Brad Spence, Osteria
  • Wesley Lieberher, Vintage

There will also be music and gluten-free beer available.

Tickets are $100 for General Admission, just $35 for students.

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