Authentic West African Fare At Tastee D’s


David Snyder tells the story of Adedotun “Dot” Adepoju and how he came to open Tastee D’s on 4th Street near South. He also writes of the authentic Western African dishes he enjoyed.

My favorite meat, though, was tender, cubed angus beef, a natural partner for its tomato- and pepper-based sauce.

Indeed, the core of these carb-centric mains is this red sauce called obe ata (including tasty jollof rice that’s cooked in this stew to make a sort of African jambalaya). The kitchen boils tomatoes, onions and peppers together before blending them with other spices, including garlic, thyme, cayenne pepper and Maggi, a vegetable-based bullion substitute popular in Nigeria, to create a sauce with a lot of high notes of bright tomato.

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