Village Whiskey Around the Web


Photo via BROG

Village Whiskey is still brand new but it has already been haiku’d about and of course bloggers have made their way to Jose Garces’ latest. Here’s what they’re saying.

The Beer Lass checks out Village Whiskey on Saturday enjoying the nostalgic snacks, big burgers and duck-fat fries with beery cheese sauce. Jose himself told us that the secret ingredient in the cheese sauce is indeed Cheez Whiz! [Beer Lass]

Fidel Gastro digs the old timey chic of Village Whiskey but it is really about the short rib and cheddar fries. [Fidel Gastro]

BROG and friends take in Village Whiskey on opening day, sampling as much as the can. Highlights include the homemade mustard for the pretzel sticks, fries and cheese sauce as well as the Whiskey King burger which they write, lived up to the hype. [BROG]

Living on the Vegdge goes with the veggie burger and is left a little wanting. But not so much so that she won’t be back. [Living on the Vedge]