The Buzz Comes From More Than The Shakes


Trey Popp tries to cut through the buzz to review P.Y.T. this week. What he may have done is crank up the hype and bluster meter to 11. But first the review:

Popp refers to P.Y.T.’s burger as “a juiceless nugget on a grocery-store bun with mass-market potato chips on the side.” Ouch! He wasn’t much more impressed with the fries or veggie burger. He did however call the onion rings a “title contender” and to his own surprise, he enjoyed the $10 “adultshakes.”

And if you thought Tommy Up would stand idly by while Popp smacked his Pretty Young Thing you haven’t been paying much attention. The first comment on Popp’s review was of course from Tommy Up. Within two hours of that, an e-mail was sent out to Up’s mailing list highlighting the positives and critiquing the critic’s take on the burger. And being the master of promotion that he is, print or tear out Popp’s review between now and the 10th and you can get a free PYT Burger to try for yourself.

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