Early Looks At Tiffin Etc.

Photo via Phoodie.info

Tiffin Etc., the Indian pizza spot on Girard Avenue next to the hugely successful Tiffin has been open just about two weeks now, plenty of time for ambitious bloggers to get a chance to check it out.

Phoodie tries the savory shakes out as he waits for the Keema Mattar pizza.

I tried the Keema Mattar version, which consists of minced lamb, English peas, cilantro mint pesto, and Ricotta cheese. The crust is absurdly thin and hefty enough to hold the toppings above, yet still supremely tender and flavorful. The lamb is so juicy without being greasy, and the toothsome peas add the needed texture to the pie. The Ricotta is lightly kissed atop the meat in an organized mess, and the whole pizza itself is quite the looker. Oh yeah, the pie is only $5. Deal with that.

Indian Summer Eats And Treats at Tiffin, Etc. [Phoodie.info]

Unbreaded takes a look at the kati rolls. Wraps stuffed with chicken lamb or vegetarian offerings.

The brilliance of Nayak’s kati rolls lies in the egg-coated flat bread, which is cooked in the tandoori oven, giving it a flaky consistency that is strong enough to hold together until the last bite.

Tiffin Etc. Brings Kati Rolls to Streets of Philadelphia [Unbreaded]