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Is it really the end of summer? There are a several last of the summer events tonight. As we said earlier, it’s the last of Center City Sips[1]. It’s also the last of the Standard Tap’s[2] Beers of Summer Wednesdays. They’ll be pouring Lancaster Cream Ale. And last but not least it’s the final Concert in the Park[3] at Rittenhouse Square.

We suggest one of two courses of action if you are headed to the park. Plan one has you starting out at the Market at the Comcast Center[4] where you can pick up some discounted sushi, chocolate or DiBruno Bros. dinner[5]. There’s a Wine & Spirits store across from the Comcast Center at 17th and JFK for your vino needs. Or if you’re starting south of the square,  pick up a big bottle of beer or two from Food & Friends market at 20th and Spruce, then swing by Metropolitan Bakery[6] for bread and a sampling of their new American cheese selection. Then head to the park, join up with friends and enjoy.

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