Is it really the end of summer? There are a several last of the summer events tonight. As we said earlier, it’s the last of Center City Sips. It’s also the last of the Standard Tap’s Beers of Summer Wednesdays. They’ll be pouring Lancaster Cream Ale. And last but not least it’s the final Concert in the Park at Rittenhouse Square.

We suggest one of two courses of action if you are headed to the park. Plan one has you starting out at the Market at the Comcast Center where you can pick up some discounted sushi, chocolate or DiBruno Bros. dinner. There’s a Wine & Spirits store across from the Comcast Center at 17th and JFK for your vino needs. Or if you’re starting south of the square,  pick up a big bottle of beer or two from Food & Friends market at 20th and Spruce, then swing by Metropolitan Bakery for bread and a sampling of their new American cheese selection. Then head to the park, join up with friends and enjoy.