From the Weekender: Two All-You-Can-Drink Events

This Sunday, you have not one but two chances to consume more than your fair share (not that I would ever advocate that, of course). First up is Dirty Frank’s Picnic. In case you’ve been in a hole as dark as Dirty Frank’s for the plast few decades, you should know that DF’s is one of the city’s, er, premier dive bars. It’s windowless, cheap as dirt, and filled with some truly interesting characters. On Sunday morning, said characters (and you, should you be so inclined) will head out on shuttle buses to Fairmount Park’s Lemon Hill (pictured to prove we’re not kidding) for lots of food, beer, and general debauchery (an “adult piñata”?). $20 gets you eight hours of activities that will make Monday morning all that much harder. I’d provide a website but there doesn’t seem to be one of any use, so you’ll have to go old school: 215-732-5010.

Meanwhile, up there in Northern Liberties, a neighborhood that many Dirty Frankers roll their eyes when mentioning, the 2009 Best of Philly Local Band (Black Landlord) teams up with the 2009 Best of Philly New Venue (941 Theater) to present the Black Landlord BBQ. $25 gets you tons of locally brewed beer, platefuls of locally prepared food (Standard Tap, Abbaye, and Bar Ferdinand, to name a few), and performances by local bands (including, of course, Black Landlord). Drink up!

Photo by Eric Vath, Fairmount Park Conservancy.