Quick Bites

Meal Ticket spots the new menu for Robert Halpern’s version of Marigold Kitchen. His “post-modern” menu includes intriguing ingredients like bacon toffee, spicy caramel froth, Guinness foam and avocado in the style of foie gras. Be sure to also check out the photo gallery. Opening is set for September 1st. [Meal Ticket]

Positano Coast is honoring the gift certificates of seafood-centric restaurants that have gone by the wayside. The Old City eatery will honor Oceanaire and Bookbinders gift certificates for full face value up to $100.

Le Cochon Noir is taking its West Philadelphia barbecue business indoors with a 7,000 square-foot space along Parkside Drive. October 15th is the current target date. [Meal Ticket]

Bill Murphy, former chef at Blue Angel, Continental and Teplitzky’s is opening Cicchetteria, an Italian small-plater looking to open at the location of Di Vino just off of Rittenhouse Square in October. [The Insider]

Soul of Jamaica is the Lansdowne offshoot of South Street’s Jamaican Jerk Hut. It opened August 15th and features a similar menu. [Meal Ticket]

Bump is coming under new management and will shortly be closing for renovations. The bumped-up Bump should return in early September. [Philly Gay Calendar]

Sprinkles, the froyo contender in West Philadelphia is aiming for a mid-September opening. [Meal Ticket]

The Wrap Shack on 18th off of Rittenhouse Square is adding a liquor license. Beer, wine, mixed drinks and fortified smoothies will be on the new menu. [The Insider]

DiBruno Brothers wine bar replacement for DiBruno Pronto has been delayed and not  just by a few weeks but until after the new year. [Grub Street]

Michael Klein gets all obituary-like and what-not with his note that Dresher’s Carambola has passed into the Great Restaurant Beyond. [The Insider]