Grey Lodge Turns Lucky 13


The Grey Lodge has quite the relationship with the number 13, so it should come as no surprise that they have a celebration and a half scheduled for their 13th anniversary.

the event will feature 13 events in 13 hours. It all starts at 11am and sure sounds like fun.

  • 11am – Dock Street Triskaidekaphilia Dunkel Weisse
  • 12pm – Levity (Comic) & Levitation (Stone)
  • 1pm – 101 with Philly Brewing plus cheesesteak specials and Carolyn Wyman
  • 2pm – Brooklyn 3Cs (chocolate, coffee, chicken)
  • 3pm – Weyerbacher Beer Barrel Bingo
  • 4pm – Victory Pils and Phils + Really Old Old Horizontal
  • 5pm – Grey Lodge Bar Mitzvah
  • 6pm – Six Sixpoint Sixtels
  • 7pm – Flashback with Boulder Flashback
  • 8pm – Yards Crazy 8’s at 8 (8% ABVs)
  • 9pm – Sly Fox Chicken and Egg Party
  • 10pm – It’s Always Sunshine-y at the Grey Lodge
  • 11pm – Flying Fish Exit 11

For details check out the official page on the Grey Lodge web site.

13th Anniversary [Grey Lodge]