Arthur Kade Breaks Lounge Opening

Until just this moment Foobooz has remained blissfully Arthur Kade free. But now comes word from the Sultan of Douchebagery that a new club, Recess Lounge is opening in Old City.

I have just gotten word, that there is a new “Membership/List Only” Lounge opening in Philly called Recess Lounge (Opening in Early-Mid September, and I will release the date once we get closer), that from what I am hearing is going to be the hottest ticket in town (My new term, and I think I may the be first person to formally announce it’s opening, but it’s taking over one of my favorite all time Philly locations (Lounge 125 where I have had some “Models and Bottles” great times), and I have heard that they are TOTALLY gutting the place (I have been told the design will be “Sick” and we will be able to dance on the furniture and rock it out “Kade Style” like I used to at Bungalow and Show in NYC), and making it “The Most Exclusive Members-Only Playground in Philaldelphia “, and knowing who’s involved, I think that this place is going to be “Insane” and “So Private that only the top 100-200 people in the city who are in the A-List are going to be allowed in (Which works beautifully for celebs like me because I don’t want to battle through crowds and fans all the time and just want my privacy to party with hot models and The Entourage at night).

Sorry about all that. Kade out!

For some fun, how many different iterations can you name for this spot next to Ritz Old City and under the parking garage.

Nightlife Aficionado-Recess Lounge Opening []