Now Open: P.Y.T.

Several years ago, I was at Toqué in Montreal, where I had my first bourbon milkshake. Since then, I’ve tried to persuade most of the restaurateurs I know to add one to their menu, but none of them thought it was a very good idea. Now Northern Liberties party animal Tommy Up (interviewed here in the July issue of Philly Mag) has gone and stolen my idea, opening burger-and-boozy-milkshake joint P.Y.T. at the Piazza on 2nd Street.

There’s nothing very creative going on here, though since you’re mixing high-proof spirits with dairy products, maybe less is more, in the 3 a.m. curled-up-on-the-bathroom-floor sense. I’d stick with the Jack Rabbit Slim (chocolate ice cream and Maker’s Mark) or the Jon (I’m guessing they mean Juan, or it’s some inside joke) Valdez (coffee ice cream, Kahlua, and Patron XO) at $10 each. And as if you needed more caloric intake, I hear that the baby burgers are bangin’.

P.Y.T., 1001 North 2nd Street, 215-268-7825.