Beer Cocktails

michelada - via Fine CookingLondon Grill added a list of beer cocktails last month and suddenly beer cocktails seem to getting positive press from the most unlikely of sources. The Beer Lass, yes the BEER Lass enjoys the Curious Georgia, a $3 Happy Hour cocktail at Smokin Betty’s. It’s Allagash White, peach schnapps, garnished with a peach that’s been soaking in ginger infused simple syrup!

Noted beer scribe Lew Bryson admits he’s sold out to beer cocktails and says “they don’t taste bad, either.”

And just when you’re thinking what’s going on here you find out it goes much deeper. Self-proclaimed “beer purist” and Brooklyn Brewery brewer Garrett Oliver says some of them “are really delicious.”

Well it’s not like we didn’t see this coming. Xochitl’s michelada has been delicious since day one, the Sidecar’s beer mimosa goes down oh so well at Sunday brunch. So it’s time to embrace the beer cocktail. Full speed ahead!

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