French Staycation

la_minette_courtyardToday, The Bite stays home for a French Staycation. It starts with crepes or at Cafe L’aube, an America meets France lunch at Le Bec-Fin and dinner off of Cochon’s new summer menu or dinner and a movie at Bistrot La Minette.

Speaking of Cochon’s new summer menu, it and the latest menu are available after the jump.

Summer Menu

First Course

Crispy Oysters – spicy gazpacho, basil oil $12

Bibb Lettuce Salad – radishes, English peas, lardons, mustard-vinaigrette $9

PEI Mussels – steamed in a white-wine herbed-butter sauce $11

Balsamic-glazed Sweetbreads – smoked ham, pecan and capers $13

House-made Grilled Sausage Рfris̩e salad, poached egg, balsamic reduction $10

Charcuterie Plate Рhouse-made p̢t̩, assortment of cured meats $14

Smoked Rabbit Leg – pickled grape and jicama salad $10

Second Course

Grilled Quail – peasant bread salad, haricots verts, vincotto $24

Free Range Duck Breast – spicy mango salad, tempura onion rings, citrus gastrique $26

Seared Scallops – fennel, roasted red peppers, haricots verts, pan-fried gnocchi, lemon-thyme vinaigrette $23

Berkshire Pork Tenderloin – fingerling potatoes, marinated corn, little neck clams $24

Grilled Pork Cutlet – toasted Israeli cous-cous, English peas, pea shoots, smoked red-pepper vinaigrette $23

Belvedere Strip Steak – zucchini-potato cake, asparagus, horseradish cream $25

Sides, each $5

tempura onion rings, french fries, roasted fingerling potatoes, grilled asparagus

Tasting Menu 

Saucisson Sec
cornichons, croutons, whole-grain mustard

Crispy Skate
haricots verts, tomato-caper brown butter

Rabbit and Snail Ragoût
smoked bacon, over fresh pappardelle

Mango Sorbet
in puffed pastry

Available Tuesdays through Thursdays

Photo is of the courtyard at Bistrot La Minette
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