Around The Web: Name Your Price & More

Kate goes for the name your own price dinner at Le Bec-Fin. What she didn’t count on was the legendary chef taking the time to discuss fine dining and even Philadelphia Magazine. [Philly Food and Drink]

CE Phood hits up the new Leila Cafe and finds lots worth trying. So much so, they’re planning another trip. [CE Phood]

I’ll Eat You is pleased Yogorino exists on this continent ane in her neighborhood. [I’ll Eat You]

Oysters and bubbles, Femme Fermental keeps it classic at Oyster House. [The Femme Fermental]

The $14 lunch deal at Bistrot La Minette lures Adam Erace back to what he calls Philadelphia’s best looking French bistro. [Blogalicious]

Unbreaded experiences the pollo torta as part of a perfect summer lunch at Taco Loco. [Unbreaded]