Our Can’t-Miss Restaurants for Summer Guests

Hosting houseguests has its ups (spending time with friends) and downs (intensive pre-arrival cleaning), but far and away the best part of the experience is falling in love with Philadelphia all over again by seeing the city through a visitor’s eyes. Those of us who live in the area take everything for granted: our rich history, our stately architecture, and most of all our food scene. From the humblest sandwich stops to our flashiest restaurants, Philadelphia is a delicious destination to show off. So even if you don’t have friend coming to town, invite one and revisit our Restaurant Club team favorites: We promise you’ll get excited about Philly eats all over again. And let us know: What are your must-hit food stops when out-of-towners come calling?

Ashley Primis
Her Must-Stops: Reading Terminal Market, Parc, Amada, Capogiro
She Says: “I love Parc because it’s pure chic and shows the best side of Philly. Beautiful people, beautiful view, quality food. Conversely, I love taking people to Reading Terminal because it’s so real — it’s not some tourist trap like some other markets in other cities. Residents actually eat there, people actually shop there, and the diversity of food (with a little Philly attitude thrown in) and a sprinkling of Amish make it so uniquely ours.”

Bridget Salmons
Her Must-Stops: Dutch Eating Place (in Reading Terminal), Steve’s Prince of Steaks, Rita’s
She Says: “I usually take my out-of-town friends to Reading Terminal. We’ll go for breakfast at the Dutch Eating Place, then walk around the market and pick up stuff to snack on later in the day. It’s the perfect combination of sight-seeing and eating. I always, always take non-Philadelphians to get cheesesteaks from Steve’s and, if it’s summer, Rita’s.”

Joy Manning
Her Must-Stops: East Passyunk Avenue, Termini’s, Zahav
She Says: “As a proud South Philly resident, I love showing off all the revitalization along what people here just call ‘the Avenue.’ It’s fun to stop at Mancuso’s for the best homemade lemon water ice I’ve ever had. And few Philly experiences compare, in my mind, to eating a freshly filled cannoli on the sidewalk outside of Termini on Eighth Street. For a night out, nothing beats taking a friend who has never been there to Zahav for the first time.”