Old City Treasure


Photo via Phillyist

The Old City Cheese Shop gets a couple of worthy mentions. First, Meal Ticket checks out the Friday night barbecue.

The stonework of neighboring buildings rises, chimney-like, around you, while lush ferns and the canopy of an overhanging tree creates an embowered feeling. Candlelight complements lights strung overhead. It’s hard to find a better escape for a casual Friday night summer dinner than the hidden outdoor patio at the Cheese Shop (160 N. Third St., 215-238-1716) – especially since this once-a-week tradition, which features all manner of BBQ-ed meats and combos, won’t run you more than $18.95.

Phillyist visits during daylight hours and is similarly entranced.

What’s more amazing than the behind-the-counter lunch deal is that if you ask, the staff at OCC will meet you out back in their hidden courtyard (you have to exit the shop and enter another door, then walk down a narrow brick hallway) with your food and an old-fashioned bottle filled with ice water. There are only a few tables available outside, but I’ve never seen the courtyard crowded-perhaps a sign that I wasn’t the only person who didn’t know that it existed. 

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