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Lunch at Kanella isn’t just good, it’s cheap. [I’ll Eat You]

Femme Fermental accidentally has brunch. Lucky for her it was at Supper where the crispy banana French Toast is soaked in peanut butter creme anglaise overnight. [Femme Fermental]

Unbreaded says hold of on your ridicule of Oyster House’s $26 lobster roll until you actually try it. [Unbreaded]

File this under obvious things that never dawned on us. The Restaurant School has a library. They also put out a mean dinner for a bargain price. [Foodaphilia]

Mac & Cheese chacks out Cafe Pendawa, an Indonesian bodega in Point Breeze. Her bravery is rewarded. [Mac & Cheese]

Unbreaded faces a decision of epic proportions, cheesesteak or pork at John’s Roast Pork. [Unbreaded]

Apples and cheese, please pop over to the Pop Shop in Collingswood, NJ. [apples and cheese, please]