What to Eat at Citizens Bank Park

Citizens Bank Park is known for its food — and the long lines to get it. We’ve broken it down so you’ll know exactly which line to waste the game in when the Phils get back on the 3rd.

You’re Craving: A hoagie
Go To: Planet Hoagie in Ashburn Alley
Get: One of the made-to-order veggie options. We like the Vedura hoagie with sharp provolone, broccoli rabe, roasted red peppers, and roasted eggplant.

You’re Craving: A cheesesteak
Go To: Campo’s (formerly Rick’s Steaks and formerly formerly Geno’s) in Ashburn Alley
Get: Do we even have to tell you? Whiz wit’.

You’re Craving: Pork
Go To: Tony Luke’s in Ashburn Alley
Get: About half the people in line are there for the cheesesteaks, but we’re all about the juicy roast pork sandwich topped with sharp provolone and broccoli rabe.

You’re Craving: Hot dogs
Go To: Bull’s BBQ in Ashburn Alley
Get: The Bulldog. Rather than run the risk of getting a hot dog on (dare we say it) a hoagie roll from one of the various park vendors, we suggest the grilled extra-long kielbasa at Bull’s.

You’re Craving: Sausage
Go To: The Hatfield cart behind section 135. (Trust us, of all the Hatfield outposts in the park, this cart does it best — less grease and more peppers.)
Get: A sausage and pepper sandwich on a long roll.

You’re Craving: A heart attack
Go To: McNally’s at the end of Ashburn Alley
Get: The Schmitter. It’s hard to imagine that the cheesesteak could be improved upon, but this sammy with steak, tomato, secret sauce, and fried salami on a Kaiser roll is pretty damn good. And despite what most people think, it’s not named for the former Phillie with the same last name.

You’re Craving: Something fried
Go To: Chickie’s & Pete’s in Ashburn Alley.
Get: Crab fries. But don’t forget to order a side (or sides) of the signature American-cheese sauce — it doesn’t come with the fries like at the restaurants. Just give yourself time — the line can be looooong.

You’re Craving: BBQ
Go To: Bull’s BBQ in Ashburn Alley.
Get: The best-of-all-worlds combo platter. Choose any three from the pit turkey, pit beef, pulled pork, ribs, that kielbasa …

You’re Craving: Pizza
Go To: Seasons Pizza (which replaced Peace-A-Pizza last year) in Ashburn Alley
Get: So the ballpark isn’t exactly known for its pizza, but we have heard good things about the plain pies here.

Photo: Edg126/Wikimedia Commons