Quick Bites

The Blockley Pourhouse has opened at 38th and Ludlow and Meal Ticket has the pics. [Meal Ticket]

The Korean BBQ spot, Miga has opened on 15th Street. But no table-top barbecue or liquor license yet. [Meal Ticket]

Tomorrow, across the street from Miga, Max Brenner, Chocolate by the Bald Man opens.

The Beer Lass twitters that South Philly’s Sticks & Stones is less than two weeks away. [@BeerLass]

Media is getting Ariano Cafe, a quaint little Neapolitan pizza spot from Anthony Bellapigna who owns Fellini’s. [Restaurant Club]

Sycamore isn’t just a tree, it’s a new BYOB in Lansdowne. [Meal Ticket]

Daniel Stern’s Rae-placement is now set for November high above the city in 2 Liberty Place. It’s also not going to be Rae but rather R2L. [The Insider]

Gayle a top-50 American cuisine restaurant according to OpenTable diners. [OpenTable via Illadelph]