How to Eat: South Street Sushi

Apparently all the kids are doing it these days, so we sent hungry interns Mike and Gabriel to give it a go. Official verdict? Oddly delish.

1. The Slice
It takes an enormous slice of Lorenzo’s pizza to make South Street Sushi work. We suggest you divide and conquer: Send half of your group to Lorenzo’s to get a slice and the other half to …

2. The Steak
It’ll be hard to not gobble up your hot-off-the-griddle Jim’s steak right there, but trust us, it’s worth the wait. Meet up with the pizza-fetching half of the group — and our tag team recommends bringing a LOT of napkins.

3. Get Ready to Roll
No explanation needed.

4. Get Ready to Bite
Intern Gabriel gives it the thumbs up.

5. The Bite
The photo says it all. Intern Mike likes it too. Bottom line: It’s hard to eat, but good in a weird sorta way and a whole lotta fun. But it’s hard to finish alone — this is definitely a two-person job. (But then again, they were sober.)

6. The End
Speaking of sober, both Jim’s and Lorenzo’s are hot late-night spots, so you can try this for fourth meal, too.