Hot Dish — and Pics — From the Great Chefs Event at Osteria

While I was eating too much and enjoying myself at the Great Chefs Event at Osteria last week, I was, of course, thinking of the Restaurant Club. So I refrained from drinking and gathered this group of totally random but totally fun info for you:

Bobby Flay told me that he spent the morning of the 17th in West Philly looking at properties to possibly turn into his next Bobby’s Burger Palace. (He’s got two in Northern Jersey and one in New York at the moment.)

Dan Stern said he’s thinking that Rae at Liberty Two will be open in October. I peeked into the space last week: The view is amazing — three sides of the restaurant are all windows — and it looks like there’s going to be a lounge-y area when guests first walk in. (I asked Dan about it, and he claimed it’s his secret surprise. Well, Dan, we love surprises!) He’s working on the menu now.

Aimee Oxeley from Talula’s Table said things are moving along with their new across-the-street restaurant. A few things still need to fall into place, but they are forging ahead. (And they served one of my favorite items of the night, a smoked local beef that was a cross between the best roast beef I’ve had and really yummy prosciutto.)

Check out Jeff Fusco’s wonderful shots of Tom Colicchio (pictured above), Bobby Flay, Morimoto, Michael Solomonov, and more!