Authentic BBQ In Italian Market

Adam Erace steps into Bebe’s Barbecue in the Italian Market and finds some of the city’s most authentic barbecue amid the Italian butchers and Mexican taquerias.

How else can you explain how an unassuming sesame-seed hamburger bun becomes the hero of Bebe’s pulled pork sandwich? Behind the glass-fronted line of hotel pans kept warm in a baine-marie, Coates so overloads the soft roll, you can’t help having visions of the rusty red stains awaiting your clothes. But the bun, it’s like a sponge for the vinegar-tipped Lexington, Carolina-style sauce, a Memory Foam mattress for the 16-hour smoked pork shoulder, contouring to the heap of unctuous tatters.

Bebe’s BBQ [Philadelphia Weekly]