Home Again At The Oyster House

sam_mink_oyster_houseRick Nichols had his nose pressed against the glass as he waited for the third generation of Minks to open this latest version of the Oyster House.

By 4:55 p.m., Sam Mink, at 33 the latest family member to run the haunt, had final words for the servers: Please, he implored, keep refilling the big goblets of oyster crackers; and mind the horseradish pots, too.

No spotlights swept the wet sky. No evidence of an event planner was in sight. Sam’s father, David, in a maroon polo shirt, swept off the front doormat with a hand broom.

This was the softest of soft openings. But old customers had no trouble sniffing it out.

Happy hour starts next week. It’ll run Monday through Friday, 5 to 7 pm. One of the oyster varieties will be $1 a piece and all wine, sparkling and otherwise will be $5. Draft beers will be $3.