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Early Feedback from the Piazza

Living on the Vedge tells us about a promising margherita pizza and a salad at Vino that will hopefully be “figged out” next time. [Living on the Vedge]

The Beer Lass was there for the Swift Half’s soft opening and tries out a whole slew of dishes. [Beer Lass]

Phoodie has the lowdown on the Swift one’s Green Tomato Bloody Mary. []

Elsewhere In New

It was practically a stampede on opening day at Sweet Ending. “Solid, but not knee-buckling” is the verdict from Living on the Vedge [Living on the Vedge]

We only provided crappy nightime iPhone pictures of Silk City’s beer garden. Luckily Silk City has published their own. [Silk City]

Living on the Vedge also makes it to Verde and Varga Bar to see how the Turney siblings are doing. [Living on the Vedge]

Why Twitter Doesn’t Suck

Honest Tom’s is serving up fish tacos at Clark Park tonight at 5. [Twitter]

Why Marketing Works

Wawa may have abandoned much of Center City but we love their Hoagiefest ads so much we’ll probably seek them out anyway. [Wawa]