First Bite: The (Frozen) Skinny on Sweet Ending Yogurt

Since Restaurant Club HQ is mere steps away from the questionably named Sweet Ending Yogurt, which opened today, we figured we’d give it the First Bite treatment. This self-serve spot has a modest toppings bars with sugary standards like Oreo and sprinkles, as well as super-fresh fruit like blueberries and kiwi. The yogurt machines offer a rotating collection of flavors, and after sampling, well, all of them, we have an official conclusion: The fruity flavors are the best, with tangy and sweet lemon and strawberry coming out on top. (The watermelon didn’t translate to tart yogurt so well — save it for sorbet.)

Now brace yourselves for the fro-yo freaks’ screams of glee after they hear this: Sweet Ending is open until 2 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. 1800 Chestnut Street; 215-568-0089.

In other news, while Sweet Ending seems like it took three weeks to open, there’s definitely something odd going on at Yogorino, the yogurt place that’s had a sign up since February. The website isn’t working, our e-mails to the Italy-based franchise headquarters aren’t being answered, and while the inside looks mostly complete, it also has empty boxes that seem more moving-out than moving-in.