Positive Words On Sakura

Scallion Pancake Photo via PHILADINING.COM

In Craig LaBan’s latest online chat one of his Crumb Tracker Quiz items was “the best scallion pancakes in town.” The answer was Chinatown’s Sakura. LaBan describes the pancakes as:

the ultimate blend of crispy and pliant, their flakiness sitting on the plate like lightly bundled handkerchiefs of silk flecked with scallion. And they are simply amazing.

Philadining, the region’s official arbiter of soup dragon goodness makes a return trip to Sakura to praise the Xia Long Bao.

These seem in perfect balance. The skins are tender, yet strong, holding in just the right amount of broth. That soup inside is less salty than many other versions, but comes into perfect balance with a few drips of the gingery sauce that accompanies. 

Xia Long Bao / XLB / soup dumplings / steamed juicy buns, whatever you call them, be sure to check out Philadining’s tips on how to eat them.

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