Quick Bites

If you like computer renderings of restaurants as much as we do, you’ll be checking out Meal Ticket’s shots of the upcoming P.Y.T. at the Plaza at Schmidt’s. [Meal Ticket]

Table Talk says Capogiro isn’t done yet. After opening their third and fourth stores they’re planning a production facility and cafe in East Falls. And check out the University City location, it will be the model as they head to other cities. [Table Talk, Philadelphia  Inquirer]

Aladeen snuck open a few weeks back. Meal Ticket has the Middle Eastern menu. [Meal Ticket]

Azie on Main will be the name of the new restaurant taking over the upstairs at Maia in Villanova. Azie on Main will be the latest from Win Signature Restaurants. Win’s other restaurants include Teikoku, Mikado, Thai Pepper and Flavor. Zaie will be serving Asian fusion with a global twist by mid-summer.

Draft Magazine features the five best new gastropubs around the country and rightfully highlights our own Local 44. [Draft Magazine]

Max Brenner has been hiring for their 15th Street location and now their web site has the menus for soon to open Philadelphia location. [Max Brenner via PhillyMag.com]

Bish Bish Cafe, we hardly knew you. OK, we didn’t know you at all. Gone after just a couple months. [Meal Ticket]

Haha, union picketers of Susan Schlisman’s Smokin Betty’s actually brought in more business when they were stationed in front of her Devil’s Alley. [Table Talk, Philadelphia  Inquirer]