DiBruno’s Comcast Fries

Di Bruno Brothers at the Comcast Center is now serving fries and offering a coupon for free gourmet dipping sauce with the purchase of a large fry order.

We here at Di Bruno Comcast like fries…a whole lot! So when we began serving our fries, we knew we had to do it the right way. We cut our fries fresh, from real potatoes. Our fries are first blanched quickly, at a cooler temperature to release the starch, and then fried a second time, in small batches. This ensures that you get the crispiest fries possible.

And of course, because this is Di Bruno’s, we couldn’t let you eat our delicious fries with just plain old ketchup (although we’ll give you that if you ask nicely!) Our chefs have come up with an array of gourmet dipping sauces like Roasted Tomato Aioli, Olive Ketchup, Wasabi Mayo and even a sauce featuring our famous Abbruzze cheese spread.

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