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Say What?

  • The Savoy Deli & Produce Market off of Rittenhouse Square is probably best known for their flowers but they also sell tacos! [Drawing for Food]

Term We Love

  • Chifauxtle – Term Fidel Gastro has made up to describe imitation or faux Chipotle restaurants. [Fidel Gastro]

Moyamensing Means Bird Droppings

  • GetYourFooDon visits Witch American Bistro and rates it as Good. [The Witch American Bistro]
  • Mac & Cheese calls Nicholas “fresh, seasonal, approachable and comforting.” [Mac & Cheese]

Jealousy is a Deadly Sin

To Do List

  • Sip a “Midtown Village” Manhattan at APO Bar and Lounge. One of 15 Manhattans they’re currently offering. [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  • Eat dinner at Apamate. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the tapas BYOB for brunch but never been there for dinner. Maybe Mac & Cheese’s run down will be the impetus. [Mac & Cheese]
  • Enjoy a drink at the Level Bar at Le Meridien when it opens in September. [The Illadelph]