Introducing the RC Snap Squad: Eat, Shoot, Share!

We like to think of our loyal Restaurant Club members as out-on-the-town scouts, because we can’t be everywhere at once. (If only!) Which is why, in this new Restaurant Club feature, we want you to show us where you are eating by snapping pics of your latest restaurant trip: — your dishes, the décor, your server — the works! We’ll post the shots to the Restaurant Club blog as we receive them, and then pick a favorite set each week to feature in the newsletter.

And here’s a bonus to get you clicking: Everyone who sends in pictures (e-mail them to me at [email protected]) has a chance to win two seats at our next Restaurant Club dinner! Read on for our first entry.

Where: Noble American Cookery
When: Friday, May 22nd, at 7 p.m.
Who: Quinn Martin, with wife Ashley (that’s, ahem, me) and mother-in-law Ellen

Appetizer: Batter-fried wild American squid. Like the best onion rings you’ve ever had, only better.

Entrée: Roasted cage-free chicken breast with noodles, leg confit, and morel mushrooms. Well priced at $24.

Dessert: Spiced carrot cake, coconut ice cream.


P.S. I couldn’t help but also pass along a photo of these awesome-looking eggplant fries from the kitchen of Exton resident Karen, one of our most passionate Restaurant Club members! Thanks, Karen!!