Now Open: Capogiro on the Avenue!


Friday night, we wandered by the future home of the Capogiro on East Passyunk Ave. to press our face against the glass in sweet anticipation of their opening – earlier this week owner John Reitano told us they were just waiting on a health inspection – and holy gelato, they were open and scooping!

Turns out, they threw open the doors at about 7 p.m. on Friday night. Don’t be jealous, West Philly. Your super Capo opens on Friday, May 22.

So we had ourselves some stracciatella and it was gorgeous. The Reitano’s remake of the former Roselena’s is gorgeous – all cool blue paint, old-fashioned black-and-white photos and grey marble countertops. There’s a tiny back courtyard strung with lights that looks like a movie set.

Not so gorgeous? Our lack of willpower. This location is alarmingly close to home. Then again, wasn’t it Ben Franklin who said gelato is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy? Ok, so maybe he said it about beer, but gelato could give it a run for its money. Some photos after the jump


The take-out window!

The take-out window!


Capogiro Gelato [Official Site]