What, No Chilled Monkey Brains?

Tomorrow night ZoT is hosting their second Flintstone Dinner of non-traditional “caveman” meats and menu selections.

The event is a six-course $95 per person meal that starts at 6:30 with a reception followed by a sit-down dinner.

On the menu are such unusual foods as lion, crickets, Thai waterbugs and more. Check out the full menu and beer pairings after the jump.

Crispy Cricket Panang will be paired with a sparkling brut provided by Palatuer Imports

Potato and Black Bear Salad will be paired with Kalle Triple- Brouwerij Brouwkot

Kangaroo TarTar will be paired with t’ Gaverhopke Extra- Brouwerij Gaverhopke

Python, Frog, & Scorpion Soup will be paired with Piet Agoras- Brouwerij Het Alternatief

African Lion RibEye will be paired with Tourney Black (Noir)- Brasserie De Cazeau

Grass Jelly, Tapioca, & Mango Sorbet will be paired with Sint Carnaris Triple- Sint Carnaris Brouwerij

ZoT [Official Site]