Step Away from the Bar at Southwark


We must admit, we have a REALLY hard time tearing ourselves away from the bar at Southwark for three very good reasons: the drinks, the bartenders and the drinks. We have also been known to dine on chef Sheri Waide’s delicious farm-to-table food at the very same bar in between the aforementioned drinks.

Clearly, we’re not alone, which is why Southwark has launched a lovely new promotion designed to encourage bar groupies like us to return to dining at a table like civilized human beings.  If you eat in the dining room or patio Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, all bottles of wine are 50% off. The wine list on their web site is up to date – prices run from $34 to $100 with the average around $50. So you can enjoy a $50 bottle of wine for just $25. Or, if you look at it another way, two $50 bottles of wine for $50.

The Southwark folk want to make it clear this deal is only available in the dining room and garden. It’s not offered at the bar or even at the tables in the bar room. Don’t worry, the bar’s not going anywhere and with all the money you save, you can head back there for an after-dinner drink.

Southwark [Official Site]