The State Of Center City Restaurants

The Center City District recently released their State of Center City 2009 report and there are plenty of interesting restaurant tidbits in there. Here’s what caught our attention.

  • Domestic travelers spent $1.39 billion in food and beverage in 2007.
  • Eating and drinking establishments account for one-third of all downtown retail premises.
  • There are 206 sandwich, take out and fast food establishments.
  • 217 fine dining establishments, a 234% increse since 1992.
  • 2008 was first drop in fine dining in 16 years. 2007 was the high water mark with 221 fine dining establishments.
    • From 2000 to 2008 an average of 17.8 restaurants closed each year and were replaced by 29.5 new ones.
    • 2008 saw less openings, not more closings. A likely symptom of the credit crunch.
  • Downtown is home to 215 outdoor dining options. Up 5% from 2007.
  • Center City outdoor cafes have seating for 3,300.
  • Restaurant Week saw it’s first ever dropoff as September 2008’s sales were $5.5 million and February 2008 saw $5.9 million in sales.
  • Reading Terminal hosted 5.6 million visitors in 2008.

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