Spotting Up At Some New Spots

Living on the Vedge goes goes meat-free at Chifa.[Living on the Vedge]

CE Phood visits Ladder 15 for lunch and finds it to be worth a “pop in.” [CE Phood]

Phoodie also visits Ladder 15 for a truffled flatbread and the hints of a turf war. [Phoodie]

Chicken-Fried Caviar visits the new Majolica and finds that the new menu and prices will make it a more frequent destination. [Chicken-Fried Caviar]

Foodaphilia visits the new Que Chula es Puebla for Mexican food at 2nd and Master. [Foodaphilia]

Hankering for spicy food, BROG enjoys MangoMoon in Manayunk. [BROG]

CE Phood found issue with their first visit to Saute but brunch was the bomb. [CE Phood]