Come Again?

File this one under misreading the tealeaves. In A.D. Amorosi’s Icepack today he hints that the “fabled” Jimmy Milan’s could be making a return. 

If you could, like we said last week, revive Chestnut Cabaret, why not Jimmy’s Milan? Apparently the formerly-mobbed-up dining location on 19th St. might be getting an overhaul courtesy Joe Wolf, who co-founded Striped Bass (with Neil Stein) and heads up Georges Perrier and Chris Scarduzio’s restaurant ops.

What sounds more likely is that there was a misinterpretation of the below quote from Joe Wolf in last week’s Inquirer, regarding the reflagging of Table 31 from a steakhouse, to Italian restaurant. 

Last week, Scarduzio sounded like a man happy to have the monkey (the steer?) off his back: “My customers were saying, ‘Chris, why are you just putting steak on the plate?’ ” he said. ” ‘You’ve got so much more to offer.’ People were saying I wasn’t challenging myself.”
The main-course correction couldn’t have come too soon for Joe Wolf, the former restaurateur (he cofounded Striped Bass with Neil Stein) who oversees operations for the restaurants headed by Le Bec-Fin legend Perrier and Scarduzio.
“I’ve been telling him for three months not to compete with the steak houses,” Wolf said. “We’re going to revive the old Jimmy’s Milan [the fabled haunt on 19th Street]; he had a great steak, but he never advertised it as a steak place. We’re going to stand alone.”

Update: Errata: False alarm, for now, on Jimmy’s Milan [The Clog]

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