Barclay Goes Pubbing

barclay_prime_goes_pubBarclay Prime is launching a new menu exclusively for its bar and lounge. The new pub menu will feature gourmet takes on bar food bringing pretzels, wings and mac and cheese to the luxe steakhouse. The new menu kicks off Friday. Of course the high-end steak menu Barclay is known for is still available as well.

Check out Executive Chef James LoCascio’s take on bar food after the jump.

House-made Pretzels served with Dijon mustard aioli – $9

Wings served with a spicy orange marmalade – $12

House-made Salami with arugula, pecorino and a fresh-baked grilled baguette – $14

Heirloom Beet Salad with mixed rashishes, blood orange, and shaved Maytag blue cheese – $13

Clams Casino with spring garlic, fennel, bacon and parsley – $15

Mussels in white wine with grilled bread – $18

Dry-Aged Burger with aged cheddar and tater tots – $19

Steak and Fries with a dry-aged New York Strip steak with Syrah butter – $29

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