Tria’s Jon Myerow Wants Fair Competition

Tria’s owner Jon Myerow is organizing PA Restaurants for Fair Competition in a move to counter the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s announced collaboration with with selected restaurateurs. As part of the movement he’s started a Facebook group and told Foobooz his reasons for starting the group.

I am organizing PA Restaurants for Fair Competition because the PLCB seeks to create an unlevel playing field for restaurants that serve fine wine and for all BYOBs. The PLCB wants to hand-select restaurateurs as “business partners” (the Chairman’s words) and compete directly against other businesses that it regulates. (The PLCB would open specialty wine stores inside of restaurants and sell wines chosen to match the restaurants’ cuisines.)
I applaud the PLCB for working to improve the state’s wine situation, and I respect and admire the Board’s first selected partner, Jose Garces. But the plan is blatantly unfair and threatens the competitive landscape; any new alcohol marketing programs should be open to all interested entrepreneurs and not just the Board’s favorites. Ultimately, if the state goes into the restaurant business, there will be less choice for consumers because no restaurateur can compete against the state. I am asking other restaurateurs across the state to join me in fighting against this dangerous precedent.

PA Restaurants For Fair Competition [Facebook]