Steak House Stands Tall

Forget all the steak house hype, David Snyder says Del Frisco’s Double Eagle has what it takes in the food category too.

Given the chain’s New Orleans roots, it’s not astonishing that Del Frisco’s seasons its food generously. Steaks receive a liberal dusting of kosher salt, black pepper and a little butter at the finish. Yet all of the natural flavors of these perfectly cooked cuts still shine through. The 16-ounce prime strip delivers the signature bouncy texture you expect. I still dream about tender pieces of 22-ounce bone-in rib-eye melting on my tongue. But the long bone tomahawk rib-eye steals the show. This tender, dry-aged specimen also gets a week of wet aging, giving it deep, distinctive flavors. Even if you’re hungry enough to finish all 32 ounces, you’ll instinctively want to save some to take home as an excuse to keep the mammoth bone as a trophy.

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