Garces In Bed With PLCB

Jose GarcesPhiladelphia Magazine confirms that Jose Garces is indeed opening something in the Western Union Building at the corner of 11th and Locust. The something appears to be a light bite bistro with cheeses, desserts and wine to eat-in or take out. What’s that about wine to go? Not in Pennsylvania, right?

In a first, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is partnering with a chef to open a boutique wine store within another business. It sounds like it will be run as a separate business under the same roof, similar to what the PLCB has done in some mega-grocery stores. On a positive note, you might be able to get some great Spanish cheese and wine to go under one roof but we wonder what DiBruno Brothers or Tria Cafe thinks of a government agency partnering with what could be a competing business.

Jose Garces and PLCB [Philadelphia Magazine]