How Many Bells For Kanella?


Well if you believe everything or even a portion of what you read online it’s 2 bells for Kanella. But for those who prefer Sunday breakfast with ink-stained fingers, the result is 3 bells. So which result is correct? With all this praise we’re thinking it’s 3-bells.

  • “Cyprus’ loss is our gain”
  • “several memorable meals”
  • “soulful stews”
  • “uncompromising conviction of a great folk singer”
  • “masterful at redeeming the nearly lost art of the braise and the stew”
  • “one of the most profound dishes I’ve eaten all year”
  • “humming happily after that meal”
  • “I’m still savoring the list of highlights”
  • “sublimely tender rabbit”

Update: Three Bells – Excellent is the correct rating.

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