Get Pre-Hispanic At Xochitl

Celebrate the birthday of Benito Juarez, Mexico’s first full-blooded Indigenous president with a feast of pre-Hispanic delicacies at Xochitl from Tuesday, March 17th through Saturday the 21st.

And just what are pre-Hispanic delicacies? Well they include things you might not normally see on a menu like grasshopper tacos, breaded veal brains, pine cones, frog legs and more. The meal is $45 per person, $65 with cocktail pairings.

Full menu after the jump.

1st Course

Ensalada de toltenanacatl
Enoki mushrooms with mezcal vinaigrette

Flor de calabaza con cecina de yecapixtla
Zucchini blossoms with air-cured beef

Tacos de chapulines y guacamole
Grasshopper tacos

Sesos de ternera empanizados
Breaded veal brains

xtabentún / rum infused with honey and anise

2nd Course

Albondigas de venado con salsa de huitlacoche
Venison meatballs with huitlacoche sauce

Tacos de acociles con jícama y frambuesas
Crayfish tacos with jicama and raspberries

Tlayudas oaxaqueñas con tinga de peje lagarto
Tostadas with monkfish tinga

tepache / tequila with fermented pineapple and piloncillo

3rd Course

Jabali con gallina pinta
Braised wild boar with corn and pinto beans

Pollo de monte con bellotas y piñones
Chicken with pine cones and pine nuts

Tortas de huazontle con mole negro
Mexican broccoli cakes with mole negro

Ancas de rana al mojo de ajo
Frogs’ legs with butter and garlic

mezcal con tuna / mezcal with prickly pear juice


Flan de zapote negro
Tropical fruit flan

Capirotada con salsa de tejocote
Mexican bread pudding with Mexican hawthorn

Pastel de amaranto, nuez y chocolate
Chocolate cake with amaranth and walnuts

nectar de los dioses / agave nectar, mango and coconut

Xochitl [Official Site]