He Said, She Said: Draft Beer

The comments in our Happy Nights at Table 31 post sparked an interesting IM debate this morning at Foobooz World Headquarters.

Tonyjlive is disappointed that a high-end restaurant like Table 31 is offering Coors Light on draft. Henry replies, that’s what he enjoys and what’s wrong with that?

We’d like to hear what you think.

foobooz: Tonyjlive is sighing that Table 31 serves Coors Light on draft.
foobooz: Henry retorts that he likes to drink Coors Light at restaurant’s of Table 31’s caliber.
foobooz: My feeling is, if you want to offer such swill, offer it in a bottle. Your draft list, like your wine list defines your restaurant or bar.
kirsthenri: I think it says more about the restaurant’s clientele
kirsthenri: that is what comcasticans want to drink
kirsthenri: sad but true
kirsthenri: a good restaurant pleases its customers
kirsthenri: knows its audience
kirsthenri: that’s why Grey Lodge serves swill too
foobooz: and is defined by it. You say the Grey Lodge is a beer bar where locals drinking Coors Light also feel at home.
kirsthenri: yes, but his top moneymaker
kirsthenri: he told me when I interviewed him
kirsthenri: was Miller Lite
kirsthenri: or something like that
kirsthenri: it’s a business decision
kirsthenri: I think if they don’t offer other options, then it’s worth smacking them down
kirsthenri: you don’t have to drink coors lite there
foobooz: but do you think there’s any validity to my theory that if you want swill, drink it from the bottle. Your drafts are what define you?
kirsthenri: no
kirsthenri: I think drafts are bigger moneymakers than bottles
kirsthenri: bigger profit margin
kirsthenri: I think in theoretical lala land, your theory is not a bad one
foobooz: right.
kirsthenri: but in reality, in these economic times
kirsthenri: not so much
kirsthenri: also, I really don’t think you can force people to not drink coors lit
kirsthenri: lite
kirsthenri: I don’t have to drink it
foobooz: Yeah but when you’re offering quality food prepared well for a discount but then only offer cheap swill beer discounted you’ve told me you don’t think the beer matters.
kirsthenri: well, that’s a good point
kirsthenri: but the cheap swill beer is probably subsidizing the cheaper food
kirsthenri: so you can’t have both at happy hour
foobooz: hmmmm
kirsthenri: sorry, I’m going to have to go with the proletariat on this one

So what do you think Foobooz readers, does it matter that Table 31 serves Coors Light on draft?